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Кабринский Эдуард - Eficode devops  - Kabrinskiy Eduard

<h1>Eficode devops</h1>
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<p>DevOps is about creating a culture that begins by breaking down the walls between Development and Operations teams. But DevOps isn?t someone you can hire, or something you can buy. It doesn?t come in a box. In brief we can say that Agile is the principle and, DevOps is the practice.</p>
<h2>What does DevOps mean?</h2>
<p>At the Velocity conference in 2009 John Allspaw and Paul Hammond gave a talk called 10 deploys per day. During that talk they coined the term DevOps. They changed the world.</p>
<p>Traditionally, Development and Operations teams have conflicting goals. Operations want to keep services and systems running as safe and stable as possible. Development, on the other hand, wants to push features to production as fast as possible. We end up with a conflict because Ops loathe change, while Dev are constant agents of change.</p>
<p>What the people in each silo tend to forget is that they are both on the same mission: to enable business. DevOps is about finding the tools and creating the culture that allows Dev and Ops to work together in the most harmonious way. It?s about making sure that all the relevant parts of an organization work together to produce business value quickly, safely and sustainably.</p>
<p>Some people have started using terms like DevTestOps and DevSecOps to make sure all stakeholders are heard. But, whatever terminology we decide to use, the core DevOps values remain the same: collaboration, communication, transparency, and a shared commitment to continuously improve the way we deliver quality and value.</p>
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<h2>Why should my organization practice DevOps?</h2>
<p>Organizations that don?t practice DevOps experience many of the same problems. Typically, Developers have to wait to get the computational resources they need while the Operations team has to deal with applications that haven?t been thoroughly tested in a production-like environment. This wastes valuable time and creates huge frustrations in both teams.</p>
<p>DevOps is about having our teams understand each other?s needs and frustrations. It?s about having developers understand how their application will be run and having Operations staff enable development at speed. DevOps practices yield fast feedback, safe releases, and full transparency across the organization.</p>
<p>To practice DevOps successfully requires the whole organisation to commit to a single culture of collaboration. It requires commitment and implementation strategies from management level to junior developers. Whatever your business domain or DevOps maturity level, Eficode Praqma would love to help you.</p>
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<h2>Where are the benefits of DevOps?</h2>
<p>Some of the thought leaders in the DevOps movement collect data from software organizations at all levels of DevOps maturity to produce an annual ?State of DevOps? report.</p>
<p>It gives us solid evidence showing that organizations practicing DevOps perform far better than those who aren?t. In fact, DevOps teams are more than twice as likely to achieve or exceed their objectives, like operating efficiency and customer satisfaction. They are also able to recover from failures almost 100 times faster and they are 440 times faster from commit to deployment. DevOps not only makes us faster, it makes us safer too.</p>
<p>If you are curious about the state of DevOps in your organization and how to move forward, consider a Continuous Delivery Assessment. We will help you analyze your level of maturity, and build a roadmap with tangible tasks to improve yourself. Do it!</p>
<p><em>We help clients in Denmark, Sweden and Norway, and have offices in Copenhagen, Aarhus, Oslo, Malm?, Stockholm and Gothenburg.</em></p>
<h2>Eficode devops</h2>

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<h4>Eficode devops</h4>
DevOps is about creating a culture that begins by breaking down the walls between Development and Operations teams.
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