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作者: TetragNaf    時間: 2019-6-15 12:32     標題: Facts: Idaho Busine

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Ar page ) Video
<p>Ar page Ar page Radio Boulevard Western Historic Radio Museum RCA’s Amazing AR-88 Receivers Includes: AR-88D, AR-88F, AR-88LF, CR-88, CR-88A, CR-88B, CR-91, CR-91A, SC-88, R-320/FRC, DR-89, RDM and OA-58A/FRC Part 1 – History and Design – The Various Models – General Information Part 2 – Triple Diversity Models – AR-88 Serial Number Analysis & Log Operational and Modification Caveats – Restoration Suggestions Part 3 – Sweep IF Alignment – RF Tracking Alignment Part 4 – Operating AR-88s in Diversity – Performance Comparisons AR-88 Performance Today – Easy and Reversible Muting Mod by: Henry Rogers – WHRM – WA7YBS KPH operator, ...</p>
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